Braising Steak in Ale

I’ve been very busy with the build up to Christmas so I’ve neglected this blog as a result, so apologies for that. The good news is our Christmas shopping is over for the year and the decorations are up so I believe we’re ready.

Here’s something I made the other week during that busy spell, it doesn’t take long to prepare and you can get on with other things whilst it’s cooking…

I really like beef with ale, it just seems to have that magical blend of flavours in the same way that peppered steak just seems so right. For this I’ve used Black Sheep Ale, I would guess that this is readily available in most retailers around the country.

Take a casserole dish, fry some onion and mushrooms in some oil until they are browning, I tend to use sesame oil for the extra flavour it gives.  Add the braising steak to seal it, at that point I also added some seasoning (salt, red & black pepper, a beef OxO cubeWorcestershire sauce) and then layer the winter veg on top.  I used baby potatoes, brussel sprouts and sliced leeks and carrots.

Now for the magic, open the ale, resist the temptation to put it in a pint glass and poor it over the food.  Top up with some beef stock and bring it back to the boil.

Once you’ve got it boiling again pop it into the oven, which, depending on how long you want to cook it for could be anything from 162C/325F/Mk3 to 190C/375F/Mk5.  At the lower temperature it’ll take longer to cook, about 3 hours should do it nicely but I didn’t have as much time available so I put it in a hot oven at gas mark 5 for 2 hours.

I’m afraid I didn’t take any pictures of this either during or after it had been plated up for serving, it’s something I’ll have to sort out at some point so if you do try it and take any pictures send them in and I’ll post them up for you.

To be honest, this didn’t last long enough on the plate to have any pictures taken of it and it wouldn’t have made much sense to take a picture of empty plates.  The meat came apart nicely with a fork, it was just right and the vegetables were delightful, and definitely something I’ll be making more of in the future.

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