Fresh start to the New Year with some old recipes

Well I’ve had an incredibly busy Christmas visiting family around the country.  We spent Christmas Day with my family and both of my brothers served up a great turkey dinner … I’ll have to post a copy of the menu on here for you all to read (assuming I can get permission to do so), it was very good.

I managed to pick up two cookery books from a second-hand book shop over Christmas, which at two for a £1 was an absolute bargain.  First up is the Readers Digest One Dish Meals (The Easy Way) published in 1994, which I’m hoping will give me some inspiration and variation with the one-pot meals I already do.


I already have the Readers Digest Farmhouse Cookery book so I’m expecting the same sort of high standard and quality with this book.

Secondly I found a copy of Cooking with Robert Carrier published in 1982 by Hamlyn.  I can’t say I ever watched any of his cookery programmes on television but I know that what he used to do is very different to what we used to have.  It doesn’t have the dust cover and the page with the ISBN and publication dates has been carefully removed.  I can only assume there was some inscription on the page which was very personal to the person who owned the book originally.


There’s some more recent books I’ve got my eye on but in the meantime I think these two will do quite nicely for a good read.


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