Hugh’s Fish Fight

I’ve been watching Hugh’s Fish Fight on television (UK) with great interest these last couple of weeks.  I can’t believe how much wastage is generated by the fishing industry because of regulations imposed on the industry, if the fish caught isn’t something they can land then they have to throw it away.  Half of all fish caught are thrown overboard needlessly every week because of red tape.

If you don’t know what it’s all about then visit the website and read up on what’s happening.  If you agree with it all please sign the petition.

I think the most shocking programme of the campaign so far for me was Gordon Ramsay’s investigation into Shark fishing, for their fins.  Sharks fascinated me as a child; I was into all the creepy crawlies and monsters.  I found sharks to be fantastic creatures and had several books on the subject, the fascination faded as I grew up but this brought it all back to me.  I can’t believe how much over fishing of shark is happening and there appears to be a complete lack of regulation taking place, at least there was an overall absence of it in the televised programme.  It was disgraceful how only the fins were collected and the carcass of the body discarded, you could see by the sheer number of fins landed and drying on top of buildings how shark numbers are being decimated by the industry.

I will never buy shark fin soup, ever.

One of the other aims of the campaign is to also highlight the lack of variety that is consumed in this country.  We tend to concentrate solely (pun intended) on the three main varieties of cod, haddock and plaice.  I’ve previously bought coley at the supermarket and can vouch for the fact that it’s just as nice as cod.  We also try to eat our fair share of mackerel and I just love a nicely grilled whole trout (with a dab of butter and herbs).  We do tend to buy the pre-packed smoked mackerel fillets, I’ll have to have a look next time we’re out at where the fishmongers in the market is getting it’s stock from and buy whole mackerel instead.

I will also be asking our local chippy if they’ve seen the programmes and are willing to support the cause by introducing alternatives to cod and haddock, the campaign is to introduce mackerel into as many as possible.

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