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Grilled Whole Trout

Without a doubt you can’t beat trout! …..especially when it’s accompanied by some spiced potato wedges, spicy salsa, salad and a nice cold cider. This is probably one of our simplest but most enjoyable of meals.  It’s simple, quick and … Continue reading

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Spiced Potato Wedges

These make a good healthy alternative to deep-fried chips, I’ve used them a lot with various fish dishes like grilled whole trout or steamed fish, I’ve also used these with burgers and grilled chicken breast. You’ll probably need a large potato … Continue reading

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Spicy Salsa

This is something I do as a side when I’ve got some strong flavours to compete with or when I’m doing a BBQ.  It makes a very nice addition to pasta, poppadoms or just for dipping tortilla chips and nachos, … Continue reading

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Steaming Fish

I tend to use three methods for cooking fish:- Steam Grill Poach Steaming Fish This I think is my preferred method of cooking a fillet of fish.  It cooks nicely, won’t burn the fish and leaves it nice, tender and … Continue reading

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No posts this week

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time out to read my blog so far, it’s nice to know people are reading it. Could you possibly also leave some feedback about the articles … Continue reading

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Vegetable Curry

The first time I attempted this vegetable curry I got one of the best compliments I could have hoped for from a vegetarian, that I could cook for her any time.  You can turn my Chicken Curry recipe into a vegetable … Continue reading

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Chicken Curry

Continuing with the theme of my Wok Strategy I decided to share with you my recipe for Chicken Curry that evolved when I was in college.  This one easily served up to 6 people. Ingredients Ghee for frying 1 lb Chicken … Continue reading

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Beef in Black Bean Sauce

Ingredients Beef – cut into thin strips (to help it cook faster) Ginger – grate or finely chop fresh, or you can use dried Chilli – remove seeds and chop Garlic – sliced, crushed or pressed Black Peppercorns Onion – sliced … Continue reading

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Wok Strategy

This is the basis for most of my curries and stir-fries.  The principle is the same regardless of what I’m making.  Only the basic ingredients remain the same, and although I vary what I’m putting into the dish the basic … Continue reading

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Who loves curry?

I thought I’d share with you my passion for Indian food, to understand the love that I feel for this cuisine.  I’ll share some recipes that I’ve adapted through college years at a later date as I’m absolutely shattered after playing … Continue reading

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