Grilled Whole Trout

Without a doubt you can’t beat trout!

…..especially when it’s accompanied by some spiced potato wedges, spicy salsa, salad and a nice cold cider.

This is probably one of our simplest but most enjoyable of meals.  It’s simple, quick and the aroma and flavour is huge tantalising your taste buds as the trout cooks.

Prepare the Spiced Potato Wedges and get them into the oven, they’ll cook nicely whilst we quickly prepare and cook the fish.

I don’t know about anyone else’s grill but ours never appears to have the depth to allow trout to sit on top of the rack without being a gnats whisker away from the heat, so when I do this the rack comes out and I line the grill pan with foil to make it easier to clean and to keep the heat where I want it.  This reduces the height of the fish away from the grill enough that I can control the cooking to a better degree.

I don’t do a lot to the trout, I drizzle or brush some olive oil over the skin, add some seasoning and that’s about it.  Sometimes I’ll put a slice of lemon, lime and some thyme inside the fish, but I’ll only do that if I’ve some in, most of the time I haven’t planned that far ahead and the trout is often a spur of the moment buy.  The trick to grilling it is to get the grill hot first then turn it down to a medium heat.  Start cooking and keep a close eye on it, adjust the heat as necessary.  Some of the skin will blister and may burn a little, don’t panic, but if too much of it is happening then you’ll need to adjust the heat or lower the grill.  Watching for the colour of the flesh in the middle of the fish to lose its translucent property, it will start turning a lovely solid shade of pink, and watch for the eye to turn white.  It’ll ooze juices whilst cooking, when it turns white and stops oozing that’s generally a good sign that the fish is ready to turn so we can cook the other side.

You can do something similar on your barbecue, place the trout in foil, add the lemon, lime and thyme, drizzle with oil, and wrap the foil over the fish before placing over the heat.

Once it’s cooked, serve it up with your spiced potato wedges, spicy salsa, salad, a slice of lemon and a nice cold cider.

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4 Responses to Grilled Whole Trout

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  4. Another great seafood recipes, and we especially love the tip about using foil. It can be hard to grill fish of any kind on a charcoal grill, so that advice comes in handy. Thanks for the link to the Parmesan Potato Wedges with Lemon Thyme Aioli…that sounds delicious as well!

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