The Wirral Food Festival

I’m really looking forward to this August Bank Holiday weekend, there is so much happening in and around Merseyside.

The Mathew Street Festival will be in full swing in Liverpool with many local and international bands on stages throughout the weekend and part of next week.  People will be lining the streets, enjoying the music, and soaking up the atmosphere.

It’s all very nice, but for me, the highlight of the weekend will be The Wirral Food Festival.  Unfortunately I can’t make it there for both the Sunday and the Monday which is a shame but the list of attractions for both days is extensive.

They’ve managed to get top chefs for demonstrations.  To name a few there’s Paul Askew (The London Carriage Works) who will compare at the chefs stage, with Claire Lara (Masterchef The Professionals 2010/11) on Sunday and Rikki Vidamour (Young Merseyside Chef of the Year 2011, also of The London Carriage works) on the Monday.  I’m looking forward to seeing Stephen Dougherty MCA (Lakeland Windemere) on Monday,  his  list of achievements is staggering and something I can only dream of emulating.

I’d love to see the Curry delights at 12:30 on Sunday because of my love for a good curry, but I will be quite satisfied by the intriguingly named Natural Game on Monday morning.

We’ll be spending a bit at the stalls and the Farmers Market, and I’ve just noticed that Cheshire Farm Ice Cream will be there so I might treat myself to one this weekend seeing as I’ve done so well with my diabetes.

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