Donate a cake for Christmas


I gave this Christmas cake to a local Ms Centre that does excellent work looking after people who suffer from multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.  They’re going to raffle it off to help raise some funds for the centre.  They’re a registered UK charity and survive on the generosity of patrons, local businesses and donations.

It would be nice if we can all bake something for a charity this Christmas as fund-raising is a problem in this current financial climate.

The cake is an 8″ square rich fruit cake on a 12″ board.  I used the recipe from Cakes & Cake Decorating, Step-by-Step (Angela Nilsen, Sarah Maxwell & Janice Murfitt).  It contains currants, sultanas, raisins, glace cherries, chopped almonds, mixed peel, grated lemon rind, brandy, plain flour, mixed spice, nutmeg, ground almonds, soft butter, brown sugar, treacle and eggs.  I also managed to feed it once before having to cover it.

It’s topped with marzipan, fondant and royal icing.  I coloured the holly leaves with Holly Green, the berries with Christmas red, and the icy water for the penguin using Ice Blue and marbling it into white fondant.  I made the royal icing slightly thinner than normal so that it loses sharp edges to look more like snow, and the fondant has holly crimped into it along the border of the board and the top edge of the cake.

If you don’t like rich fruit cake there’s also a fabulous light fruit cake recipe in the book that I’ve used previously for a birthday cake.  It doesn’t have nuts in it so it’s ideal for anyone who has a nut allergy, so long as you don’t cover it in marzipan.

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3 Responses to Donate a cake for Christmas

  1. What a wonderful idea. You ge the joy and smells of baking it without having to eat all that sugar!

    • Mark says:

      The cake was won via Raffle at the annual Christmas party that took place on a Sunday afternoon in December. Unfortunately the couple who won it couldn’t be there but they were able to pick it up on the Monday so I didn’t get to meet the winners. It was a little too large for just the two of them so they cut the cake in half. One half went with them for Christmas and the other remained at the MS Centre for everyone else to enjoy. I’ve been told the winners were really happy with it. They collected the cake on the Monday, by the time we visited on the Wednesday there were only three pieces of the cake left. I’m really happy that so many people got to enjoy it.

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